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Aquarius are rebellious and unpredictable. Is that why so many people hate this zodiac sign?


Some people's worst enemy isn't their ex-best friend or lifelong rival, but simply themselves. In fact, five zodiac signs are their own worst enemies.


9 Reasons Why A Gemini Woman Won't Commit

Gemini are known for their ability to detach from situations and stress, but unfortunately this often translates into another area of their lives as well: relationships.

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Which Shameless Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you more Fiona or Frank? Read on to find out.


Why Cancers Are The Most Hated Zodiac Sign

Insecurity and pessimism make Cancers easy to hate. Read more to learn more about the crab and it’s many haters.


Why Are Libras So Hated?

While Libras appear to be fair-minded and diplomatic, toxic and harmful personality traits lie just below the surface. 


Finding out that someone is a Scorpio is a red flag for many, but why is that?


Why Are Aquarius So Smart?

Though Aquarius might seem airy and eccentric, there's actually a lot going on in that intellectual mind of theirs.


Why Are Capricorns So Hated?

Capricorns are responsible and hardworking, yet they are hated by many. Read more to find out why. 

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