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Audrey Jaber



Q&A With Environmental Artist Justin Brice

Environmental artist Justin Brice encourages others to take a critical look at the relationship between humans and the planet.


Gastronomy: How Tradition and Innovation Merge to Make Eye-Catching Cuisine

Gastronomist Joshua Enzolaia uses traditional food to create remarkably striking dishes.


Q&A With the Founder of FORESTIS, a Luxury, Eco-Conscious Retreat

Founder Teresa Unterthiner talks about the creation of FORESTIS, an environmentally-conscious retreat nestled in the beautiful Dolomite Mountains of Italy.


Digital Clothing: The Future of Fashion

How clothing made from computer programs and pixels — not sewing needles and fabric — is the future of the fashion industry.


Making Memories

Blair and Kenny made the most of 2020, celebrating their nuptials with both
an intimate affair and their dream wedding celebration. 


Why Are Pisces So Smart?

If you’re a Pisces, then you're in good company. Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and Rihanna are all Pisces who prove every day how sharp this zodiac sign can be.


An oversized polka dotted blazer with shoulder pads. A green, red, and cream striped crocheted top. While both of these pieces could have been popular nearly 60 years ago, they actually both appeared on a Spring 2020 runway.


These two homes—one in Pentworth, one near Dupont Circle—offer the best of downtown living.


40 Simply Stunning Wedding Ring Tattoos For Couples

Looking for the perfect ring to celebrate your impending nuptials? Consider a wedding ring tattoo that is both stunning and impossible to lose.


12 Incredible Locations for Leaf Peeping in New England

Every fall, millions of leaf peepers head to New England to see the trees change color and the landscape transform. We give you our 2020 guide for taking in Mother Nature’s big show.


Beneath the Waves

Take a look beneath the waves and journey into a shipwreck situated 60-feet below the surface in the Cayman Islands.


Can Bow Ties Be Chic? This Boston Designer Shows Us How

Luxury bow tie designer and Boston native Christopher Chaun reveals the accessory can become a scene-stealer and talks about his trunk show at Saks Fifth Avenue Boston.


From homelessness to ALS, there's no shortage of need in New England—here are some of our favorites for the charitable days ahead.


45 Powerfully Fierce Dragon Tattoos For Men And Women

Dragons may make you think of ferocity and power or magic and chaos, but either way, they make incredible tattoos.

Screen Shot 2021-10-18 at 5.10.06 PM.png

A Stay at Home Self-Care Guide

With COVID-19 filling our lives with unwanted uncertainty and stress, self-care tends to be both much needed and under-prioritized.


A now-viral 1998 interview between David Letterman and Jennifer Aniston has resurfaced and left fans feeling horrified.


Holiday Prep: 7 Shopping Venues We Love at Copley Place

Back Bay is the spot, and this haven for luxe is the lure. Get your holiday shopping done at Copley Place.


How To Add Your Birthstone Into Your Fall Wardrobe

As we enter the Autumn months, jewel tones are expected to be trending. Try incorporating your birthstone into your closet for a pop of color that is perfect for you!

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